Dear AMH community,

It’s been over two years now since we founded All Mental Health. We started as more of a team than an organization. As Lantern wound down, a few of us felt very strongly that the digital mental health knowledge we had gathered could be used to serve populations that traditionally didn’t have access to digital mental health solutions.

Since then, we’ve created caregiver resources, tools to help parents talk to their teens about vaping, coronavirus mental health resources in both English and Spanish, and a supportive community and guide for young people going through heartbreak.

We’ve tried to keep our nonprofit financially afloat in a number of ways: donations from our supportive community (thank you), grant applications to family foundations, going down to part-time work to extend our runway, content white-labeling exploration, revenue generation testing, and more. Fundraising during coronavirus is challenging, and we haven’t seen enough success with other models to feel secure in a sustained future as an organization.

We’re pleased to announce that we’re undergoing a transformation that allows our mission to live on: This month, we are merging with CoachMe Health, a tech-nonprofit designed for underserved patients fighting chronic disease. CoachMe will leverage our technology and bilingual coronavirus content to better serve their population.

We have also transitioned MeAfterWe, our teen breakup initiative, into the very capable hands of The Jed Foundation and their initiative, Love is Louder. Love is Louder will carry on our mission to support young people going through difficult breakups, with the aim of preventing teen suicide. You can access the 30 day breakup healing guide here.

Our teen vaping efforts, developed in partnership with Hopelab and American Heart Association, will live on through Truth Initiative’s BecomeAnEX program. Parents can continue to access the support they need to have effective conversations with their teens about vaping.

We are so proud of the work we’ve done, and we couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you for being with us each step of the way, including the one we’re taking right now. We’re hopeful that each initiative can reach even more people and help them through some of their hardest times.

Thank you for sharing our mission to make mental health support accessible to all.

All our best,

Tali, Ryan, and Ryann