Meet the team

We’re a small but mighty team with over 20 combined years of digital mental health experience. We specialize in iterative product development, user-centered design, high quality content, trauma-informed care, and cutting edge engineering. We’re a team that loves to learn and problem-solve. Say hello

Tali Beesley

CEO, Co-founder

Tali has a decade of experience helping teams deliver engaging and educational products. Her nuanced understanding of pedagogy, subject matter expertise in mental health, and proven leadership skills make her uniquely qualified to lead a tech-driven nonprofit in the mental health space.

Ryann Summers

Director of Content, Co-founder

Ryann has been working in the mental health field for the last 10 years, through both direct service work and evidence-based content creation. You can think of her like a translator, turning clinical research into engaging and approachable products.

Ryan Weald

Principal Engineer, Co-founder

Ryan is an experienced engineer who’s spent the past 10 years building products and teams in a startup environment. He has a proven ability to deliver web, mobile, and data products that meet business needs on the right timeline