All Mental Health, Inc Privacy Policy

Below is the privacy policy of All Mental Health, Inc [AMH]., a Delaware incorporated non-profit organization. We’ve tried to make this as clear and concise as possible.

At All Mental Health we prioritize user privacy. We do not include ad tracking tags or any other form of advertising integration on our web properties or mobile apps. We do not include Javascript libraries from Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms on our site to best limit their ability to track our users. We do not use Google analytics in an attempt to limit Google’s ability to track our users.

If you choose to access our website through a web browser, then your basic usage will be tracked by our third party analytics provider, Matomo. We use standard web cookies in order to determine unique users accessing our site. These cookies are limited to our domains and we do not perform any other form of fingerprinting. User activity data is used only for internal purposes such as product development, issue tracking, etc., and will never be sold to a third party. Specific user activity patterns will never be shared outside of the All Mental Health organization. Any data shared publicly for the purposes of fundraising or press will be aggregated to ensure user privacy.

All Mental Health uses several third parties to provide hosting for various parts of the product. The blog is hosted by Medium and thus data generated accessing our blog will be subject to the Medium privacy policy and terms of service. AMH’s main web application (API) is hosted on Heroku so certain data such as access logs are subject to Heroku’s privacy policy and terms of service

When using our mobile applications, All Mental Health does request the unique user identifier provided by iOS & Android. This identifier is used to track unique user activity patterns for internal purposes such as product development, issue tracking, etc., and will never be sold to a third party. Mobile activity data is sent directly to AMH servers; we do not rely on a third party for mobile analytics. If the app is installed through the Apple Store or Google Play Store, certain data may be collected by Apple or Google. We have no control over this; you can govern your own settings on your device.

AMH provides the option to create an account in order to unlock specific mobile application features such as favorite articles. During this process, AMH collects email addresses along with passwords. Passwords are stored using one-way hashing algorithms in accordance with current best practices. The email addresses collected by AMH will be used only for the purposes of AMH products and services. These email addresses will not be sold to a third party.

If you have any questions about your privacy, feel free to reach out to us at